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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Contacted the IRS, too

Here's a copy of my "website related support" message that I sent to the IRS.

I'll be filing a complaint with the better business bureau against their main office in Kansas City as soon as the BBB's website database comes back up.


I would like to point out that on your Free file page, H&R block is listed.

However, H&R block has instructions listed which they know are misleading. A returning user cannot file for free, but this is not mentioned anywhere- unless you contact support.

Case in point: if you ALREADY have an account with them, and you follow the 'free file' link from IRS.gov to their 'click here to file for free' link, you will come to a "create a new account or log in with your account", accompanied by "if I am a returning user, can I file for free? Yes, go ahead a log in to file for free"

However, you cannot file for free as a returning user, you MUST create a new account. There is no mention of this anywhere, and they KNOW it. I have contacted their support, asked specifically where that is outlined on their website, and they refuse to tell me where I can find that information.

Translation: they are intentionally wasting people's time and hoping that they will just decide to pay instead of fuss with finding another site or bothering to contact support which (as we know) is often a big waste of time.

For a complete rundown of my exchange with them, please feel free to check out my blog (two entries):

[links to this site here]

Thank you for your time, I'm certain the importance and integrity of a citizen's federal taxes is as important an issue to you as it is to me.


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