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Monday, December 18, 2006

Corporations should die, too

It dawned on me the other day that if corporations have the same rights as real humans, then they should be forced to 'die', too.

At a few years below the average life expectancy- say, 54 years - corporations would be liquidated, the estate/inheritance tax that all the rest of us pay would apply, and then all those associated with that corporation would get to squabble over who got the CEO's big plush chair.

This would only be useful for big ugly corporations existing now, as certainly within a few years/months/minutes the powers that be would have paid their lacking-in-moral-fiber hellspawn corporate lawyers to find a way around the laws.

I've been reading Barbara Ehrenreich's "Bait and Switch", a wonderful editorial on the lie being sold to middle class white collar workers. Not that I wasn't aware of this behavior, but it's so much more inspiring to have a focused outsider's view of something to make you think.

Death to corporations is my idea of the week.


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