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Monday, February 12, 2007

The End is Neigh?

We've all heard about reaping what you have sown, about a ship of fools, about ignorance being bliss...

We've all heard those older than us complaining how the younger generation is somehow going to bring about the end of the world.

We've seen the stereotypical loony person, if only in a cartoon, wearing a sandwich board warning us the end of the world is coming.

The end of our modern way of life is indeed coming to an end soon.

However, you only need to look to any mass-produced 'source' of 'news' to find out that everything is going to be ok, those scientists are reactionary communist idiots who want to steal your freedom and destroy Mmerikka.

There are a very few ultra rich people in this world. They own every major 'source' of 'news' you look at- if it's readily available and free, it's theirs.

The economy we are part of and the Wall Street which leeches off of it count on one gigantic factor: that things don't change very much.

We've all heard about how cheap, renewable energy would destroy the world's economy.

It's true- there'd definitely be a huge hit to the world economy. Would it end the world? Hard to say.

But that same big bad world shift will come someday soon anyway. We're going to run out of oil, no matter what those 'sources' of 'news' tell you. And that oil doesn't even have to run out. It just has to get so expensive that transporting food and goods to all the edges of our country is so expensive that people cannot afford to eat.

Is it going to happen soon? Hard to say.

If the figures the evil pinko commie scientists publish are even a little correct, within the next 50 years, as a result of global warming, we will see Greenland, Antarctica and the North Pole completely melt.

The ocean levels will rise more than 20 feet when this happens, and displace more than 100 million people. Many well-known places will end up under water.

A global event such as this can have genuine end-of-the-world effects. At the end of the last ice age, a frozen lake in Canada melted and all at once dumped itself into the Atlantic ocean. The result was Europe being plunged into an extra 1000 years of ice age.

On a different note, kids are abusing drugs, themselves and each other in ways I don't ever recall when I was young, and that's not-so-distant past.

Our political structure is more corrupt, less accountable, and more despisable than it has ever been, even since 1776.

The educational standard has gone out the window.

People drive huge, wasteful vehicles. They live in huge, wasteful homes, and they are huge and wasteful people. The most well-known restaurant, beneath its golden arches, serves food which everyone knows is not even a little nutritious.

Televisions encourage you to go buy things, make you feel insecure for not looking like Angelia or Brad, and play off of every fear and vice in order to 'make a buck'.

Magazines are produced monthly or even weekly- not because they have a valuable payload of life-changing or vastly entertaining content, but because the ads inside of them are already paid for.

Radio stations play less and less music, more and more commercials, and more and more idiots talking, even just to hear themselves talk... and people listen to it.

The world outside your home, if you are so lucky to have a place to call home, is one contiguous advertisement.

The possibility that the system we inhabit might be more cancerous than any chemical is far too diffucult a subject for Joe Average.

There is nothing that can be done about it, either. The republicans show their true prowess in elections by capturing the hearts of the ignorant by pandering to their lack of a brain- pulling heart strings and playing the religion, abortion, and gay cards- fear. We will protect you from all the other fine people you share this country with, and make sure the pinko commie scientists can't take away your hummer or your ATVs.

The time to wait for the hardcore denial cases to come around on their own is over.

We're screwed.

Our world is >rocketing< towards a cliff, the inhabitants can see for themselves but don't bother to look, and the people we trust to take care of us are more interested in taking us to the cleaners.

I think I'll go play some video games now.


At October 03, 2010 6:16 PM, Blogger JB said...

I have been waiting for the end a while now. With it, comes human beings first true opportunity to survive as we were designed to. And those that survive, will have the option to recreate. Good entry.
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time.


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