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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


While standing waiting for the bus this morning, I thought of a perfect analogy for my sense of shame concerning a certain subject.

Imagine if you made a foolish mistake, such as putting your underwear on over your pants whilst getting dressed this morning. Never mind how you manged to do this. Let's add to it something further, perhaps, you put on a stained shirt with 'moron' written on it. Again, let's just say for a minute that you weren't aware you'd done this.

And somehow you went out for the day, and spent the day thus adorned, and it was not until you came home and saw youself on the news you realized the mistake you'd made, and how dumb you'd looked all day, and how amazing it was that you hadn't noticed.

You'd probably be kind kind of ashamed with yourself for such a lapse.

But what if you did it the next day, too?

What if the exact same thing happened the next day?

You'd probably start to pay attention, especially because every day when you got home it was there on the news for you to see: You are a dumbass.

...now, what would you say if eight years passed, and for those eight years you made those same mistakes every day, and were on the television every day, and you had still failed to do anything to correct them?

You'd have to either conclude that you really were a moron, or that your daily mistakes were actually on purpose.

And that is what I have to conclude about my fellow MMerrikkkans.

We are either morons, or we mean for our president and his little crew of jack booted thugs to be trashing our country in every sense of the word. Trashing our constitution. Trashing our environment. Trashing our reputation in the world. Trashing our neighbors in the world. Trashing our people by sending them off to 'fight' an unwinnable quagmire in the name of bringing 'democracy' to the rest of the world while it diminishes here. Trashing the memory of those lost on September 11th, 2001. Trashing the efforts of millions of citizens across hundreds of years to make this the one place in the world that truly was one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I'm sorry you are morons, my fellow citizens. I know that higher education is evil and turns you into a communist, and you have every right to fear and loathe the concept of critical thought, as it would assuredly destroy your little reality.

And I am ashamed for what my country has become because of your stupidity and inaction. There is no longer any unexplored land to go to and re-make the paradise that was the USA. All the world is booked up with land that belongs to megacorporations, is occupied by their slave labor- or it's inhospitable, uninhablitable land. You're stuck here with me and I with you.

There will be no great relish in the "I told you so" coming down the pike on this one.

History does not make much of a big deal about the German citizens who did nothing to stop the Nazis- those regular folk who were just trying to keep living, hoping the bad thing would just go away eventually. Like them, we're realizing it's not going away on its own any time soon. I hope history may be so kind to me someday, as I am in the same shoes those regular folk were, and likely doomed to follow in their footsteps. I don't want to have to be the inactive 'useless' citizen who watched as his country was raped, but I don't see a lot of option when I am stuck with all these morons.

The most wicked evil ever put upon the world by a first world power since the Nazis had their time is currently emanating from those in charge of the government of the United States of America.

Without a people united firmly against this, it will not stop- and it doesn't seem likely 'the people' will ever get a clue.


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