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Monday, March 26, 2007

The Truth: You Can't Handle The Truth

I've come to the conclusion that The Truth, the internet, and our modern times, will be our own downfall.

That is, our need to find The Truth, coupled with our own desire put it on the internet, and the near permanence of things placed there will be detrimental to us, overall.

For example, take my favorite subject, religion.

Many people simply cannot accept the idea of a world where there wasn't a big powerful god and a cookie for being good at the end of the rainbow- their worlds collapse when the burden of governing their own actions is left to them alone.

The Truth, in this case, is that by nature humans have an intense need to believe such things, and, in most cases, have the further risk when abandoning their beliefs- it would ostracize them from their families, friends, the whole town, etc.

And, again, The Truth is that there is not a single shred of proof that any religion's gods exist. None. Zero. Belief and books and relics are proof of nothing. There may or may not be a god out there somewhere, but there is no proof that they exist.

So. Proving this point to the world may have the effect of, over time, debasing the presence of religion in society. Religion is one of the few cohesive elements joining regular Joe in the world. While we'll finally get religion off of science and history's backs, our people will be more divided than ever before.

As if we weren't already easy enough prey for lawyers, advertisers, and loan sharks. Less cohesion is bad.

So do we accept that the for-show PR battle between science and religion is a fair price to pay for cohesion, or do we risk that something better will rise up and save us when we drift into that era?


At March 27, 2007 7:31 PM, Blogger speecialpants said...

You should go further with this in terms of what you think the internet's role is in all this. You started off that way and I'd like to hear what your conclusion is about what it effects in terms of the downfall you speak of.

Meanwhile! I kept thinking of the issue of meaning when I read your post. Society endeavors to create meaning - "truth" is invested in power - they'r nearly synonymous. Fact is that science and religion go hand in hand with the state and the truth-production you speak of. In terms of power one isn't necessarily better than other.

Why not venture beyond the notion, the statement of "The Truth" and bring it down to the level of a supposition hamstringed by the interests of power through the way you talk. And do it on the internet, too!


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