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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Baby Got Back

The short version of the story: a while ago, at a different job, there was a prominently-placed but unused mark and wipe board, which one day became the home of

"magnae clunes mihi placent."

... a translation I had just found online.

The goal then became to fill the board with more translations of the same sentence.

We ended up with quite a few over a few weeks, and strangely nobody we knew spoke it, so the very last one was Spanish.

The day after posting it, we came in to find someone (the cleaning staff) had written "good for you" in Spanish right next to it.

So ended that little game.

Perhaps I can recover all the sentences from back then.

"I like big butts" can't be that hard to say. Check the comments for more translations as I discover them. Here's Japanese-



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