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Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Someone out there wrote a piece about:

"The Religion of Peace Muslims vs The Slit Their Throats Muslims"

And without even reading what was obviously nonsense, I formulated my own title in retort:

"The Love thy Brother, Turn the Other Cheek Christians vs The Invade their Country and Kill Thousands of Innocent Civilians Christians"

That is, you're all full of crap.

The poor bastards in any given country are being taken for a ride just the way we are and there's not a damn thing any of us can do about it. The idea that one man can make a difference is as big a lie, in most cases, as the American Dream.

Anywhere you look, people just want them and theirs to be left alone. As long as they get that, or marginally that, as long as no rabble rousers come along to stir them up over some idea they think is important, those people will continue along with their lives.

But the rabble-rousers run the world now, because by inciting us, they can get us to worry, and by making us worry, they can get our money, which is the end result of most equations involving rabble-rousers.

Certainly there are some who mean to promote peace, love, and understanding, and solely pro-bono.

Oh, wait, those are all signs of weakness. Liberal Weenie-ism. Frowned upon, girly-man behavior.

Well, I guess Jesus Christ was a big pinko commie liberal weenie then, wasn't he?

How can this country, with all its testosterone-laden bravado, all its tough-guy mentality, all its "mine is biggest and best" bragging- how can this country stand to have a pussy as its front man? Shouldn't we replace Jesus with, maybe, a pitbull made out of iron, painted with a big red white and blue flag, with flaming eyes and a 140 decibel bark?

The sad truth, I am afraid, is Peace is bad for business. Sure, people still buy things, but the government can't enact a bunch of wartime taxes and chuck those tasty billions at arms producers, and that is apparently what we all exist to do. To make things that can be used to kill us, to assure that nobody can kill us.


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