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Friday, June 01, 2007


If I have to choose my myths to believe in, I'll take Santa.

He comes every year, if you've been good, and we all look forward to his visits.

He doesn't instigate himself into world politics, or tell you to wear funny hats (unless you want to dress like him, I guess.)

He's just a nice old man who likes to give kids presents.

If there is a more realistic role model for society, it's this one.

Eat whatever you want, be nice, and treat kids well- a little discipline, lots of love.

The world might not be so bad if people just emulated Santa a little more.

I guess the good thing is I can decide to believe in something which I know isn't true. Isn't that cool? And how do you incorporate "Santa" into swearing? Especially if you want any presents?


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