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Friday, January 18, 2008

FBI: Can't Pay Their Own Bills


I just love this.

I mean, it's great that the FBI catches the bad guys. For sure. They work hard to protect us from people who pirate music, and videos, and they try very hard to not actually go after real criminals, such as the ones who crashed planes into some buildings a while back.

Well, lately it seems that they have had some wiretaps going, and they didn't bother to pay their bills, so the phone companies have disconnected their wiretaps!


Harsh reality for the FBI, and, while I am sure they like do actually do something useful once in a while, I really like it when big dumb powerful systems get kicked in the crotch.

Systems that can be used to go after people and ruin their lives for other people's political gain- they are a cancer.

With all the illegal crap the Bush administration has been up to, whether the FBI was part of it or not, this is a nice pie in the face of a government that no longer exists by the people for the people.


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