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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Shameful Years

Six years ago today, someone got away with something.

There is a popular story to explain what happened that day, and as I have stated before I find it an inexcusable shameful farce.

Every major news outlet has obediently parroted this story or something close to it ever since- except for the day of, before they had had the official story drilled ino their heads.

We often accept that there are aspects of some event which simply must be lied about because of politics. That is, we've allowed a certain amount of wiggle room for big events involving politicians, the media, and the ensuing lies.

However, the facts of the events of that day are readily available. There is no need to rely on the lying media to assemble your own opinion, should you decide to, and what you will find is that the official story is such a half-assed mess, it's obvious that the 'officials' who put it together knew. They knew there would be people who figured it out, and they knew those people would not be of any concern.

I have to ask: how many people do you need on your side before you will run out into the street to protest?

Your family?

Your block?

Your company?

Your whole town?

Most people would tend toward the whole town.

So- how would you know your whole town was as ticked off as you were... if the media never told you?

You wouldn't.

So, get back to work, slacker.

But let's say your whole town did run out into the street and protest. How would the next town find out if the media never made mention of it?

The people who died, the wars which were waged, the tax money stolen, the elections corrupted, the constitution debased, the foundations of a police state laid out...

...those aren't a big deal. That's just conspiracy theory.


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