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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

"Founder's Vacancy" issue

The "Founder's Vacancy" issue addresses human behavior as it applies to establishments.

Essentially, if someone builds a company and infuses it with thier beliefs and behaviors, when that person leaves the company, sells the company, wills the company to their heirs- the next people to come in and run the place are most likely to ditch the founder's ideals and ways as they are too costly and too much work.

In many cases, you would suspect this action would negatively impact the establishment, or at least their reputation.

We're all aware of this kind of behavior- companies are bought out all the time, typically to the detriment of the product quality and customer service.

My question is, why do we always do this?

Has someone mapped all of the bad behavior of humans and created a flow chart, so that we can always know how something will turn out?

Take the constitution of the United States, for example.

Is it useful? Is it still serving its citizens fully?


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