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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Rule: Work to Food Ratio

Have you been eating foods that make you unhappy? Perhaps you are a victim of the work-to-food ratio rule.

This rule is self-explanatory. If you have to work too hard to eat something, it violates the work-to-food ratio.

Enjoyment of food is a positive number. The work required to eat food is negative enjoyment, that is , a negative number. We need to factor in a baseline of expected work in order to eat a hypothetical "average food item" (also a negative number), then:

[enjoyment of food] + [baseline] + [negative enjoyment beyond baseline] = [total enjoyment]

If our total is a negative number, then the food item is not worth eating as it will generate negative enjoyment, or "unenjoyment".

Obviously with the popularity of "wings"-related establishments, some people clearly enjoy laboring over their 1/10th of a mouthful of food.

I tend to believe those people actually just like the sauce on the wings, not unlike a child using a french fry as an improvised spoon for ketchup.

Foods which violate the rule could be; pomegranites, cornish game hens, ribs, pistachios, chicken wings... and many others.


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