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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DOE: Up Yours, Pal

So, I'm looking for a job.

One way looking for a job can be hell is that potential employers place ads or make job postings which include useful information like: "We're not going to give you a clue what we plan to pay for this position."

The problem with this is, other employers tip their hand and let on that they want 5 years experience in X, Y and Z, and they'll gladly pay squat for it.

Thus: you can find what appears to be a pretty good job description, and chase the wrong lead all day long.

Another lovely result of this is that everyone ends up applying for every position: the employer 'thinks' they are getting the most applicants they possibly can, what they are really doing for themselves is getting 100x more resumes than they could possibly review. Thus, they end up going through and sorting by things like layout, trivial spelling errors, etc.

In short, they're wasting our time, on purpose, so that they can then be overwhelmed with applications, and pick bullshit arbitrary methods to sort them such as choice of font and ease of reading so as to determine which persons to pay attention to/ignore. The help wanted ad should instead read: "Wanted! Network Technician with fantastic writing, publishing, editing and PR skills, who can make a resume that we'll like to look at as well as do the job we need done."

I am suddenly reminded of the 'famous' misanthrope who, before cutting down a tree in his yard, first went into town to make sure nobody wanted to hang themselves from it beforehand.

Anyway, I just wanted to rant.


At April 14, 2006 10:31 PM, Blogger Everdusk said...

Here's an amusing little counter anecdote for you:

A lady that Kristi knows likes to keep her resume up to date and periodically "test the market" for her skills.

She submits resumes and then interviews all the way through the selection process for high-profile jobs and frequently ends up getting job offers. She then turns them down. She's happy where she's working- just seeing how marketable she is.

Thanks for wasting all of your time and putting your company resources into figuring out that you wanted to hire me. I'm not available.

Welcome to just dessert.


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