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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

The Country Previously Known as "The Land of the Free, Home of the Brave"

Well, like all things cool and popular, the lame crowd has shown up and overrun the place. I mean, I've known it was coming, but I hoped it would go away, I figured if I just ignored it long enough it'd stop. It's just getting worse. It's time to go to the doctor, rather than put a bandage on it and look away.

Your favorite bar, nightclub, that band whose shows you used to be able to get into with no hassle, burning man, the evergreen state college, broadway avenue in Seattle... after a while the coolness of things is pounded away by invading morons.

This time, though, it's our country, and the invading morons already lived here. And the sad fact is, they were invited to come and trash the place by other people who already lived here.

Farewell, constitutional rights.

Goodbye, fairly balanced legal system.

Sayonara, law enforcement agents who have time to actually protect people rather than enforce useless internet/porn laws.

Not to mention the respectability of our country worldwide.


I made some bumperstickers for the fourth of July last year, and I need to make some more.


I see the havoc happening now as a distraction. Big-money fatcats (in business and government) make deals for themselves and their friends- pay forwards, pay backs, favors. In the meantime they wreck enough things and create enough distractions that by the time the world has conclusive proof of their criminality, they are long since in their grave, of natural consequences, and with plenty of taxpayer money funding every step they took on their way there.

Politicians are liars, by default, it's what we pay them to do.

We're screwed from the outset.

Some of them, though, see the acceptance of lying to get their job done as de-facto permission to lie about everything and rob us blind.

And then there's the people who defend them, unable to separate personal belief and feeling from fact.

Thank you, Fox news networks, for further retarding an already mentally disabled nation.

I look for respectable figures in the news, and all I find is Jon Stewart, a comedian on a fake news program. Why, you ask is he the only one? When something big goes down, the very next day Jon is the only person reporting what happened and calling out precisely the point that all other news sources avoid: calling a spade a spade.

When the jester is the only source of truth in the court, the court is screwed.

Welcome to the Land of the Free*, and the home of the Brave*.

*(insert millions of pages of absurd legalese here)


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