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Monday, February 20, 2006


No, this isn't dirty.

So, a while back, whilst thinking about all the different religions in the world I realized I didn't like many of them.

It then occured to me that I ought to come up with my own religion.

The problem I had with my current selections was that I had to worship someone else.

I wanted a religion where I worshipped myself.

So I set off trying to think up a reason for this. It was pretty simple.

The god who created our universe, way back with the big bang, broke itself into bits and imbued every particle in existence with its being, so that it did not exist anymore save for the particles in the universe. This god was challenging itself. It was saying "I am so powerful and great, that I will eventually return to being somehow."

And that, simply, is it: every one of us is a little piece of that god, and it is our job on this planet to figure out how to become that original god once again. Whoever does wins, and yaay for them.

The window-dressing you attach to the process by which this happens is up to you. I lean towards, strangely, the ten commandments, with a slight modification- you put the phrase "... or cause others to do so." at the end of each one. Not a bad set of rules to live by.


At April 14, 2006 8:51 PM, Blogger Everdusk said...

Ah religion.

Here's my thing about religion, you know, being a priest and all, lol.

Religion is a lot like human emotion and endeavor. try as I might to think that I could have an original thought on the thing I come up with the idea that I'm pretty much thinking, feeling, and running into the same things that billions before me have already treaded across. There probably IS a religion based upon the things you're talking about, or it's probably an aspect of one out there.

Here's the deal with religions, though. To be succesful it has to create community, personal betterment, and give you something important to do/be once you die. The last part is what drives 95% of all religions but the first two are what decides if they are succesful.

Truly, despite my interest in the subject I recognize my near-complete ignorance about the various religions out there. Somehow my life doesn't seem any less rich for it.


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