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Friday, July 07, 2006

Microsoft Updates: SuckFest 2006

There's a problem with MS updates, and while you can find various references to it on their website, what you can't find is the problem addressed directly, moreover, in the bigger picture, this issue has existed for some time now and MS has done nothing to correct it or make sure people know about it.

The problem lies in the original install, the service packs, the programs you install, your hardware drivers, and the updates. Nice specific area, huh?

Well, various discussion threads out there reference different solutions, but it seems to come down to:

You run updates,
You reboot,
The computer has a blue-screen error before the login box comes up, and won't ever go beyond that until you remove the problem update. You get error codes like "C000021a", "0XC0000018" and "0X000000", which, when googled, will bring you to all sorts of discussion groups wherein you may or may not find a solution.

Which update is the problem? Well, that hinges upon "Where the problem lies", from paragraph two, above- everyone's PCs are different, so, it's impossible to tell exactly.

My solution? Build the PC, put SP2 on it, install a good antivirus app, turn automatic updates off, make a drive image for later restoration, and call that good. Don't put the 50-something 'security updates' on.

Don't worry kids. Within the next couple years there will be free versions of Linux which will replace the need for windows. [or so I keep dreaming]


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