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Friday, October 13, 2006

The Next Step Towards Evil

I've figured it out.

The next step, the thing which will push our country across the line into martial law, is going to be an act on USA soil, perpetrated by USA citizens, and it will be against a law enforcement agency, government structure, or perhaps a political figure or group. It will invlove explosions and people will die. Not important people, mind you, regular folk like you and me. And certainly absolutely zero republicans will die. Maybe some democrats. Green party members.

Of course, it will all be engineered to look as if that is the case, I'd imagine.

It won't really be an actual terrorist or angry citizen group (enemy combatants) who does it, but some schmucks the Bush regime puts up to the job.

Afterward, what will happen is this-

The news will play that story and this-just-in material and nothing but for days, promotging the fear that more attacks are expected, and that the group is larger and more organized than the FBI/CIA/NSA/whoever had known or appreciated.

And that's when the general populace will really freak out.

In the name of capturing the bad guys amongst us (who don't actually exist), the powerless populace will cave in and martial law will kick in. Any town or area which puts up any resistance to the government's new attitude of "body cavity searches for everyone" will be shut down and the nearby FEMA internment camp will suddenly fill up.

The reason I bring this up is: if this is what our administration wants, it is inevitable, and can be enacted at any moment. With an election looming, I expect it to happen conviniently in time so that it will either guarantee a win for Bush,Inc again, or allow them the power to cancel the election altogether.


This sounds like the ramblings of a crazy man.

The United States is a cash cow. Our nation is fantastically powerful militarily. Without question, there is no other single nation that comes anywhere close to challenging us. Amongst the rich and powerful in the world there always seem to be, tucked away, people who are callous, soulless, and just plain evil. These people are poised to take control of our country, as what a grand prize for world domination the mighty American Empire would be!

Our people are in denial of their position. We are fearful of each other, but not the government. We are under-educated and lacking in proper analytical skill to realize the situation we are in. Many of us doen't understand what a bad thing it is to simply take what our news sources say as the truth. And of course, we are all of the persuasion that "as long as nothing happens to me and mine, then whatever happened was bad, but there's not a lot I can do about it."

I have to say all of these things. Even if it is just for my own benefit- I need to get them out there.


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