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Friday, September 15, 2006

The Propaganda Machine at work

Here's a transcript of a radio-program discussion between two 9/11 questioners, the makers of Loose Change, and two promoters of the offical story:


What is evident from their exchange is the promoters of the official story are not after an even exchange. They don't bring any evidence to the table besides that which can be used to directly discredit any expert or concept involved.

Currently, the possibility that there's more for Joe average to find out about 9/11 is a popular topic. As more people bring the question up, more and more people are emerging to obfuscate the topic.

I'm in a rare position. I have been following the upsurge of claims, the spread of theories, and I know full well that a large chunk of what's out there is nonsense. However, I also know that some of it is crucially important and that people really need to pay attention to it.

That's the crux of it.

People have to stop and pay attention. They have to care to stop and listen, think, remember.

I'm seeing a rise in the incidence of major media outlets spending a good chunk of time to put together stories, experts, movies, books, to counter the 9/11 questioners with repetitions of the official story, as well as confusing, misleading and misdirecting testimony and information. Never once is an ounce of credence given to the possibility that the government is lying, or that the official story is wrong. Isn't that alone suspicious?

The overall effect? To flood the market, as it were, with so many choices and conflicts that those people who needed to be taken by the hand and led down the proper laundry list of details instead just grow weary and ignore the story.

A good example is this high-profile story put together by Popular Mechanics:


The story goes along randomly choosing to discredit loopy nonsense, such as the pod theory, and crucial points, such as the collapse of WTC7. It discredits with a list of facts and testimony, much of which is pure fabrication.

For example, in reference to the complete lack of fighter-plane response, the article claims that "In the last ten years, NORAD has only scrambled to go after one aircraft.", which is pure fabrication. Readily available documents on the FAS, FAA and NORAD's own websites reference the fact that NORAD regularly scrambles after aircraft. The PM article is counting on their readers' laziness coming through for them.

The battle here is to decrease public interest, not to be right.

The fact that most of the focus is on discrediting experts and concepts, and not to fully address issues is key in recognizing that what we have here is a media diversion.

The 'Liberal Media' is going out of its way to act conservative and Kowtow to the official bullshit story.

Odd, since liberals are the troublesome dissenters- you'd think every paper would have its own pet theory.

Regardless of the baloney-spewers, there are key points to consider, and what is implied by them is not something you spend five seconds considering and call it good.

No debris at Pentagon which indicates an entire passenger jet crashed there: the photos, pre-wall-collapse, show that no engines hit it. No 6-ton 9-foot engine marks- there are plenty of photos which clearly display this.

No debris at flight 93 crash site which indicates an entire passenger jet crashed there. If it is, indeed, a real crash scene, it wins first place for not looking like the site of any other crash, ever.

Extreme irregularity of 3 concrete and steel structures collapsing from fire (the first time ever.)

Lack of concern for president after attacks were evident.

Lack of response from NORAD.

Extremely peculiar and secretive behavior from Bush administration surrounding all things 9/11.

Complete failure of all branches of our multi-billion-dollar governmental structure to detect or prevent 9/11, and a complete lack of punishment for those whose specific job it was to prevent what happened.

9/11 investigaton controlled by Zelikow, who might as well be Bush's cousin.

9/11 investigation purposely hindered by Bush administration.

Creepy "Project for a New American Century" members include some in Bush administration.

FBI openly admits it has no evidence whatsoever directly linking Bin Laden to 9/11.

Lies to go into Afghanistan.

Lies to go into Iraq.

Lies all along.

How this is not sufficiently suspicious to Joe average, such as to merit further, and truly independent investigation- is astounding and disappointing.


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