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Monday, August 14, 2006

Emotional Plea

I'm discovering more and more that, mixed in with what may or may not be well-done research and reporting of the events of 9/11 are various counter-claims to such information.

Most of this seems to be of the emotional plea variety, that is, defamation of the source, vilifiaction of anti-american thinking, standing behind the memories of those lost, etc. That's likely because despite all of the time, effort and money dumped on the problem, the 9/11 comission could not come up with any kind of story which might even remotely be the truth- and nobody else who is trying to deny foul play will be able to either.

These entries, when dispersed amongst possibly useful, factual or informative entries about what was lied about will serve to mislead and dissuade fence-sitters.

The surge recently in the media of 9/11 theory and the polarization of the audience is going to push the media pay more and more attention to it in the near future, and then...

I believe this is what will happen:

Slowly, across the course of a few months, the 9/11 truth movement will gain ground and an audience in the press. It won't ever be presented as the truth, but it will appear more and more in the mdeia- just enough to make people who'd never thought about it much stop for a second.

And then, at a crucial point in this progression, the government (or someone paid by them) will step forward with testimony, video footage, paper evidence, bodies, whatever is needed- to fatally crush the advance of the 9/11 truth movement. The evidence will even possibly seem to validate some of the claims while refuting others, which will serve to cause anyone who tries to pay attention and include that evidence to feel reluctant to trust any of it.

The government will have 'won' in the media, the 9/11 truth movement will suddenly be dropped in the press and nobody will want to pay attention to it.

Viola, problem solved.

So here's my emotional plea- show the Loose Change video to everyone you know, and do it soon.


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