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Saturday, September 16, 2006

T-Mobile's hobbled Razr phones: Thanks

So, the fancy Razr phones you see everywhere come with some very interesting options. For example, my girlfriend's phone comes with the option to record a video using the camear and microphone built into the phone.

Pretty cool, right?

Well, pretty cool until you find out that the maximum video length you can record out-of-the-box is 5 seconds, and there's not a single option anywhere for fixing it. You have to HACK your phone in order to make it work right.

I know T-Mobile isn't alone in this retardedness.

Motorola, in their infinite wisdom, has put together some of the least intuitive menuing systems I have ever seen, and if this phone and the others I have seen don't attest to that, just look at a Comcast digital cable box. I could throw up a better menu interface than what comes with that cable box.

Also, they purposely limit your use of the bluetooth hardware which is part of the phone. The box does not say "Bluetooth*", it says "Bluetooth". Bluetooth is a standard like AM, FM, or VHS. There is no 'Bluetooth Lite', 'Bluetooth only kinda' or 'Bluetooth for wussies'. Up yours, phone companies.

I will kick their groin.

They deserve it.


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