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Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Lone Gunmen

March 4th, 2001, the pilot episode of "The Lone Gunmen"- a spinoff show from the X-files- aired in the United States on the FOX network.

The episode was written and filmed many months prior.

The core of the story is this: with the cold war over, some within our government see the need for a new enemy. They planned to fake a terrorist act in our country by overriding the controls of a commerical flight, running it into the WTC towers, and blaming it on terrorists.

The Lone Gunmen uncover the plot and foil it.

In the first image, they break into the DOD's network and find the files describing the event.

The second image shows the file in question, which they fail to download when their presence is discovered.

The final three images show the plane nearly hitting the towers before it is saved by the clever crew of The Lone Gunmen.

...now, that Condi person claims 'we' had no idea 'they' might attack using planes?

Hacking in
The file
Going to
hit the
towers... no.


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