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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Little Sandwich Shop

There was a little sandwich place on Hawthorne in Southeast Portland which was one of those hidden-away gems that you hope to find when you move somewhere. They baked lots of different snacky items as well as the bread they made their sandwiches with. I went there a lot when I lived right up the street.

Well, after many years of business, Bower's Bakery has retired from business. I don't live over there any more, so I wasn't there to notice they'd closed up shop at the end of April.

It felt sad to see the place empty, with just a farewell note taped to the window.

The note said:

"After 23 years of baking, we have decided to hang up our aprons. Wednesday, April 30th will be our last day. Please join us this Saturday, April 26th, for an open house so we can thank you for being such great friends. Thanks again, Dave, Jessica, Steven, Natalie, Daniel."

So long, Bowers Bakery. We miss you.


At July 03, 2008 11:50 AM, Blogger Steve said...

Yeah, this is a total bummer. In some ways I'm surprised they stayed as long as they did, though. With their photos of kids, school sports, college pride, etc., they always felt like a place that should be across the street from a high school somewhere or something. Very cool people who made huge, yummy first-rate sandwiches.

The Oregonian has the best write up I've seen:

Oh, did you know the muffin man?:

When Bowers moved in, he paid $300 a month to rent his 1,000-square-foot space. Now he pays $2,000.

"I have to sell a lot of baked goods to cover that nut," he said.

Bowers tried to sell the bakery but discovered that building owner Robert Sacks isn't willing to offer long-term leases. Bowers and others along Hawthorne have heard that the building will be torn down to provide parking for condos planned above nearby Noah's Bagels.

Another post here:
Bower's Bakery is No More

And lots of others. They were a much loved joint.

At July 03, 2008 11:54 AM, Blogger Steve said...

On a positive note, the new East Side Deli that shares the parking lot with the upper Hawthorne Liquor store is *fantastic*. I went two days in a row this week. My friend I was with yesterday - who has eaten at Bowers and elsewhere - said hers was the best sandwich she's ever had. Yep. Try them out. Great prices and they use Boar's Head, Dave's Killer Bread, etc. They also stay open late some nights -- as in until two or three AM or something crazy like that.

At July 03, 2008 12:04 PM, Blogger Steve said...

Hey! Just noticed this comment on that About.com post I linked to in my previous comment:

Sarah Bowers is still in business baking the same pastries and sweets for wholesale accounts. We are happy to take any orders from the public with a 24 hour notice. Feel free to call 503-493-8342.



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