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Thursday, May 29, 2008

And now I remember why

Perhaps I am just in a mood. We'll see.

I've had no television in my home for about 10 years now. That is, I have not had one that would do anything besides play a DVD or video tape, or maybe a video game.

Well, now I have cable TV.

During election season.

Thankfully, I have not watched much aside from movies on the pay channel... yet.

I stuck my head out from under my self-imposed rock, and followed a link to a website discussing Obama's WWII quote. Or rather, I should say, contesting his quote.

People really have a way of inspiring you to not like them. Well, I should say, ignorant people do.

There has been an interesting result of shows like Jerry Springer and Judge Judy. It seems to have impressed upon our country the validity of ignorance. It has empowered morons.

The morons of our nation now stand up proudly to be counted, and have their voices heard. They get together online and pat each other on the back, and have a good ol' boy complaint festival.

And yep. They're entitled to their freedoms, their opinions. That doesn't make them any less unintelligent.


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