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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fallout 3: Oh, come on Microsoft

So, Bethesdasoft makes this great game: Fallout 3.

It's very fun, and has lots of interesting details. And of course, once you have played through them all, there is the hope that add-on packs will come out so you can play more.

Traditionally, this has either been via a slightly-cheaper pack you'd get at the store, or maybe pay for and download.

So, Microsoft is unfortunately involved in this product.

Their involvement? "Games for Windows", an obnoxious and unnecessary product to do what the internet and your web browser will already do.

In the fine, fine microsoft tradition, no process that works well already can't be improved upon to ensure that you are completely annoyed by it.

In this case, the Fallout 3 add-on can be acquired after you get and install (yes, that's right, the product is delivered by another product) the "Microsoft Windows Live Game Manager Doohickey and End User Annoyance Increaser".

Well, let me rewind.

First, you have to figure out that you want the Fallout 3 'downloadable content'.

Then you have to figure out how to get it, which, since I am a PC user, means I have to rummage around until I find some link that tells me to go set up a microsoft live ID by going to gamesforwindows.com/live/completeCrap ...

Then you have to make sure that you aren't kicked over to the XBOX site after you login.

Ok. So now we've: singed up for a service, downloaded and installed 30mb of bloatware ad-delivery bullshit, and gone online to purchase the add-on. With real money? No, with "microsoft points", the equivalent of game tokens which are worthless except in this arcade, in their machines.

This add-on happens to cost 800 points... and guess what? I can't seem to find a place which will sell me 800 points.


So I bailed. I am not touching any more F3 stuff until I can just buy the disc in the store or get it through... some other means.

Up yours, Microsoft, and thanks a lot, Bethesda, you idiots.


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