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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Affect and Effect

I always screw these up, so I am making a cheat sheet.

The two you want are in bold - the verb "affect", to create change, and the noun "effect", the result of an action.

a-FFECT: verb, "have influence on"
Number One breaking down did not affect Number Two's performance.

a-FFECT: verb, "to make a display of or deliberately cultivate"
she affected a silly french accent.

AFF-ect: noun, special use- psychology, "mood or emotion"
The child displayed a happy affect.

effect: noun, "result of an action"
When I left the stove on, the effect was that the house filled with smoke.

effect: verb, "create change"
He wants to effect a change in the system.

effect: noun, "personal belongings"
His effects were sold at acution.

effect: noun, special effects
what's in a movie

(I stole much of this from other pages, but I thought they were too verbose, so, I make-a my own.)


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