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Monday, July 10, 2006

Deathstyles of the Rich and Powerful

In the past month we have seen two very rich, powerful and influential people turn up dead- Philip Merrill and Kenneth Lay.

From a news article on Merrill:

"Washington GOP insider Philip Merrill's body was dragged from Chesapeake Bay on Monday, 11 miles from where his sailboat was found last week, an anchor tied around his ankles and his head disfigured from a shotgun blast.

It now appears the multimillionaire publisher who held top Bush Family appointments at NATO and the Pentagon mysteriously "committed suicide" in exactly the same fashion as CIA-Watergate operative and JFK-assassination figure John Paisley."

Kenneth Lay never seemed to relent once from his stance that he had done nothing wrong at Enron, and so it seems unlikely that he was knocked off because he was just about to go public with aything related to that. However, considering his connections to the Bush family, and the connections between Merril and the Bush family, there could possibly have been some OTHER internal strife between... someone.

I'm not suggesting anything specific, just that it might be interesting to see what other famous, powerful and also connected to the Bush family characters turn up dead in the next few months.

For a curious parallel, see the 'anthrax attacks', circa just after 9/11. The curious link here is that in conjunction with the attacks, for some reason, in various countries, eleven microbiologists mysteriously turned up dead over the span of just five months. These people were experts in the field of anthrax and related very-bad-teeny-things. Strangely, the anthrax which showed up in all of the 'attacks' was shown to be a strain only available at a government lab in the USA. The deaths were all almost immediately written off to various and non-suspicious causes. The 'leak' of the anthrax was pinned on some troubled-history employee at said lab. Very convinient.


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