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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Janitor

There are a lot of jobs people do in the world which nobody would ever want to do.

Janitor is neither a noble title, nor a glamorous one. We're certainly all glad we >have< janitors, but pretty much anybody you meet is not particularly excited to be one.

The list is longer than 'Janitor', but I think this example will suffice for now.

I think there is a category which is similar but most people don't make the connection.

Work which SEEMS glamorous or noble, but which is truly neither.

Could that be?

What could make a job so awful? What if it was your job to purposely lie to people while claiming you were helping them? What if it was your job to undo the work of hundreds of other people such that you are hated by half the population?What if it was your job to steal from the many and give to the few?

Yes, what if you were a politician? You would have to make secret deals and somehow tie them to the 'greater good' in your head so you wouldn't hate yourself.

Can you imagine going to work, putting on a face, and doing horrible things to the regular Joes around you? Pushing through bills which strip tax money which eventually leads to bridges collapsing? Removing veterans benefits while they are still out fighting the war? Privatizing industries so huge pharmaceutical corporations can have their way? Living to create more legal diarrhea such that lawyers will have more to keep themselves busy with? Opening up forests and wildlife reserves so that some political friend you owe a favor to is happy?

I'd rather clean tolets with my bare hands.

Does a single 'good politician' exist? Possibly. I do not see how one could in this day and age. Does the media do a thing about it? No, not until it is quite clear they will not regret it. Does the population seem to notice any of this? It's damn hard to tell considering the only window we have into our fellow man is the television and newspaper, and all we see on there is Nascar, Jerry Springer, Jackass and the 700 club.

So, these loathsome creatures are doing us a favor by taking care of this non-glamorous, non-noble work for us. However, I think they're getting a bit carried away with themselves. Uppity, I might say.


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