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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Law of Productivity

We're all aware of the fact that as your expertise and payscale increase, the amount of actual work you have to do decreases. I might call this the "First Law of Productivity".

Therefore, at some point you are being paid a very lot and doing next to nothing.

But what happens after that?

How can you get paid any more? In order to follow the rule, you must do less, and you are already doing the least you could without expiring- although decomposing might count as an action.

I figured out how, today.

Once you are high enough up in your career, and making a fortune, the way that you can do even less is to, by proxy, do less through other people, by causing them to not be able to get their job done.

Interrupt them.

Micromanage them.

Give them the plans and instruction for their new project which is so backwards and retarded that they look at you like your head might be made entirely out of cheese.

Be a manager. You'll get so little done, there's no telling what you will prevent from happening!


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