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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The True Haters

What is the worst thing we can do to each other in this world, this life?

Certainly rape, murder, kidnapping, slavery, torture- these are high crimes, and easily recognizable, easily punished (boctaoe).

What, beyond these obvious crimes, do people do to each other which is truly unforgivable?

Lies? We all lie. We lie every day, we lie in our actions, we lie in our intents, and we decide not to think about it. We go in to work and pretend we plan to stay when we know shortly we will quit. We look people in the eye and say "I'll be there," when we know we will not. We do these things because we are human.

Disloyalty? Just another kind of lie.

Theft? Most of the time, things do not change our lives. We change our lives. We may get angry or upset, but we are not ruined by theft.

Hate? I would have to suggest hate is our weakness. Our worst trait.

Why do we hate? Do we hate weakness? Difference? Likeness? Strength?

A hateful thieving cancer has grown and become resident in my wonderful country. It takes and takes and claims all the while it is a benevolent and righteous friend of all.

This disgusting entity is a conglomoration of gigantic multi-national corporations and our very own government. This includes the media.

If the every day doings of our government were reported by the media, it would not be long before even the most staunch supporters of the war and the administration would be looking for their torches and pitchforks.

But these things are not reported.

A crime is not being called a crime.

Our justice system is defunct.

Our congressmen, senators, representatives- they are all part of the game or they are all too pitiful to stick their heads out of the holes they are hiding in and say something.

The fine and noble leaders of our country are a bunch of pussies.

And they're sending us off to die.

And our hard earned dollars, given to this cancerous glob, are being spent several times over, such that many generations of United States citizens will be in debt for just this mere 8 years of global crime, mayhem, and profteering.

Were our politicians not pussies, were our courts not jokes, were the media useful and upright instead of tired and worthless- these criminals would be punished and sentenced to a quick hanging with no appeals.

Because that is what they deserve.

They deserve to receive the full brunt of the legal system and a quick and tidy execution brought upon them by the fully restored legal system, and they deserve to have their assets relinquished to try and cover the debts to our citizens they have created, and they deserve nothing more. No recognition. No mention of their lives. No consideration for human weakness.

There comes a point when your own human weaknesses matter not at all in comparison to the magnitude of the harm, suffering and death you have wrought. And we are well past the point of 'sorry' covering it now.

It takes people like me, willing to stick their neck out and rile the ugly moronic beast to come and harrass them for being uppity.

I hope there enough people like me out there, but sadly I fear there aren't many like me.

The true haters are out there, and there is no way to pin down who they are. They are beyond our reach. They are nebulous board members, politic-ers, deal makers, back-scratchers, and they will get away with it most of the time, or else we wouldn't be where we are now, with an illegal war and a globe all frowning in our direction.

I hate, and I am not happy about it. In most cases hate is something you can live with. Well. I hate the lying, theiving, murdering, disloyal people who have taken my fine country hostage and are slowly killing it off.

Oh, I think I hear the black helicopters now. See you all at Guantanamo.


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