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Friday, August 01, 2008

To the RIAA, a Follow Up

About a year and a month ago, I decided to stop buying music which would give any of their profits to the RIAA. That meant either buying music used or buying artists whose labels were not members of the RIAA.

Well, in the last year I have purchased about 25 CDs from stores, and about as many online. Here's the list of what I bought online:

Agonised By Love
Daniel Johnston
Flogging Molly
Gabriela Benackova
Gogol Bordello (3)
Henry Phillips
Johnny Pearson And His London Orchestra
MC 900 Ft Jesus
Mocean Worker
Northern Cree
Opium Jukebox (3)
Prague Symphony Orchestra
The Brian Setzer Orchestra
The Cramps (2)
The Decemberists
The Lovemakers
The Pinker Tones
Various Artists

... one album each, unless followed by a number (2) in parentheses. So, that's roughly 50 albums, and a good portion of them were used. I'm sorry to deprive the artists of a profit just because they've hooked up with an RIAA label, I've even considered just sending $5 in an envelope to some of my favorites, but so far I haven't gotten around to it.

My original point was- the RIAA is throwing money and lawyers at internet radio, and to the detriment of internet radio, and by doing that, they're ticking off me, the end user.

Well let's look at the above list- if it were not for internet radio, I would not have known of eight of the above musicians and would never have purchased their music... eight bands out of twenty, or 1/3. That's about right for the rest of my purchases, so, that's no small amount of money. The RIAA hears when it's about money. Let's see if they notice my missing $147.08.


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