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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Stupid Thug Cops

Our country's fine tradition of tolerating the right-wing bullshit we see on television all the time is really getting old.

Every time the 'republicans' decide to have an event, they also decide to hire our police force to abuse anyone who disagrees and gets anywhere near their little events.

Well, I'd just like to send out a big "Fuck You" to all the police in my country who allow themselves to be used in this fashion, especially to the ones who appear to like having an opportunity to spray mace in the face of a girl holding a flower.

You're disgusting, clearly require years of counseling and very likely a strict regimen of some kind of mood-stabilizing drugs.

I'm not foolish enough to believe the police exist to protect the citizens of the USA. If that ever was their job, it stopped being their job many years ago.

I am idealistic enough, however, to be very angry at the police for being there to abuse the citizenry for the benefit of politicians.

Just in case I wasn't clear enough:

Cops, fuck you.

Cops who abuse their power, fuck you.

Cops who tolerate the 'direction' to 'control' the 'noisy liberals', fuck you.

Cops who play along with the lies propping up what they are doing, fuck you.

Cops who allow their fellow cops to behave this way, fuck you.

Cops who recognize psychotic behavior and unhealthy controlling behavior in their ranks and do nothing, fuck you.

Cops who, as the only representatives for regular people in trouble, throw their hands in the air at the bureaucracy holding them back and give up, fuck you too.


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