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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

US Army: Lunkheads

"Denver Post is reporting that the US Army wants to use a major fossil site for bombing practice. The Picket Wire Canyonlands, in the Commanche National Grasslands, is included in a series of maps the Army has drawn up for increasing its ordinance ranges."

Thanks. You're right up there with the Taliban, destroying the giant statues of Buddha a while back.

The Mayan civilization recorded their knowledge in books of sorts, and all but a very few of these books were destroyed by christian religious fanatics from Spain. From the tiny remains of those books we know the Mayans to have been extremely intelligent and knowledgeable, and just the tiny window from those books into their world has been fantastic. The extent and depth of the whole knowledge of those books will never be known now, thanks to some short-sighted believers of mythical nonsense.

What's lying in the proposed bombing range/fossil site, and the proposed blowing up of the whole area will be the modern-day equivalent of the destruction of the Mayan libraries.

"Hey! We're the USA. -THE- first-world power everyone -used- to look up to as being so great. Now, though, we belligerently destroy ancient knowledge just because we're told not to! What fine standards we uphold!"