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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


So, I am listening to last FM, and the song is a weird ambient track with the recorded 911 calls from a flight attendant on flight 11 mixed into it. Totally creepy.

I google it, and the wikipedia entry for flight 11 says:

"Investigators retrieved Mohamed Atta's luggage that was not loaded onto the flight. In Atta's luggage they found al-Omari's passport and driver's license, a videocassette for a Boeing 757 flight simulator, a folding knife, and pepper spray."

Umm... guy who was planning to hijack a plane packed in the bag he was taking with him: a video tape on how to fly a plane, identification, and weapons...

all things he'd never be able to get at once the plane took off,

all things he'd never need again if the plan went as expected,

and all things, had he been properly searched, which would have endangered the mission.

Does that sound likely? Nah, me neither.

Sounds like a classic "Orgy of Evidence".

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Review of this Dixie cup

Hi, I just got this Dixie cup, and I wanted to give you all my review of it.

I noticed it was quite cheap, so I decided to try it.

At first, I had a great time drinking out of it, but over time, I noticed I could not pour an entire can of beer into it. And it's kind of poorly made, really- made out of paper. It was cheap, but I am having a hard time giving it five stars. I mean, I can't even fit a can of beer in it.

Also, I later realized that it didn't come with instructions on how to mix a Long Island Iced Tea. I want to drink this drink, and I am sure I should be able to drink it with this Dixie cup. I don't see why they don't tell you how to make that drink somewhere on the box the cup came in. Jeez.

Another downside is this Dixie cup did not fare well when I ran it through the dishwasher. It fell apart, and I had to get a new one out of the box. I was hoping to stretch this box out a while, and I have already used one cup up completely. Not so good in the longevity department.

Pros: lightweight, inexpensive, holds liquid

Cons: doesn't hold much liquid, doesn't come with drink mixing instructions, cheaply made out of paper instead of glass or metal

Other: Just in case you think I am off my rocker, I am not. I have been reading product reviews, and people are fucking idiots. "I bought X, and it would be great if it did Y, but it doesn't, so, the product isn't good because of that."

Uh, if it was *supposed* to to something and then didn't, that's one thing. But if the product clearly isn't supposed to do something, and then it in fact does not do that thing, that is not a negative aspect of the product, that's you being disappointed. ALSO, the manual is not supposed to tell you how to do every possible thing with your product. That's what the internet is for: if you can think of doing it, probably someone else has thought it too, and documented it, and posted it on the internet somewhere. For crying out loud. So many reviews read like a complaint list of all the things the person had to actually learn in order to set up whatever it was that they had bought.

And yes, I am clearly complaining about people not being able to properly describe the actual functionality of a product as opposed unintentionally highlighting the thickness of their skulls. Which is to say, I am complaining about a product we already know is faulty- human beings- and highlighting my own thick-skulled disappointment in them rather than illustrate their actual usefulness. My bad.

However, when someone is trying to ascertain the actual quality of functionality of some product, the "I am an idiot who can't or won't read the manual" is a detail that largely does not have anything to do with the product's performance.


Ok, back to clicking.