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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

T-Mobile: Not Clever

So, if you were checking progress on something, what do you expect? A meter? A chart? Sure. These kinds of things are obvious- we see them so often we take for granted our familiarity with them and what they tell us.

When your gas tank is nearing empty, there's a little red bar, right? And the letter "E"?

As your install is finishing, the little blue bar fills the meter and it says "100%", right?

Well, what's the meter in this image telling you?

Which way is it going? After some scrutiny, we find, the "used" is the gray section, which grows toward the left. "remaining" is the pink, which gets smaller and smaller.

This is a perfect example of corporate idiocy. It seems that T-Mobile could care less whether you know how many minutes you have (very possible), or that some idiot somewhere decided to reinvent the wheel with this ill-conceived graph-type-thing.

Congrats, T-Mobile, you get this week's GWB award, given to those in positions of power who go ahead and do stupid things which screw over everyone else, and continue to do those things even after everyone complains.

I do take for granted that everyone else is confused by this graph- as, if I can notice that it is stupid, then a lot of other people can too, and if they can, then it's likely someone has complained about it before me. Therefore: I rule, and fix your website.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bill Aftring is Offically Online

Bill Aftring is Offically Online.

See? Here he is.